Castle Island

by Free City Collective

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Recorded at the Farm Studios (Sunshine Coast, B.C.) in November, 2011. Additional overdubs were recorded later at the Nimbus School of Recording Arts.

Written by Free City Collective

Produced by Fiend Recordings and Free City Collective

Engineered by Cody Taylor

Mixed by Shawn Cole

Mastered by Brock McFarlane

Digital Audio Engineer: Tim Rannard

1st Assistant Engineer: John Lindsay

2nd Assistant Engineer: Owen Marmorek

Album Art Anonymous, 1972

Thanks and love to our families, Cody F. Taylor, GGGarth for the Farm and the hospitality, Nygel for the extra mics and ferry trips, Shawn for hashing it out, Super Brock, John Lindsay for his vibe, Owen Marmorek for his enthusiasm, Dan Tanner for believing, the Nimbus School of Recording Arts.. and to our friends and fans who were there then and are here now.. what a trip. Thank you for being there, always.

with love,
Free City Collective



released March 16, 2014




Free City Collective Vancouver, British Columbia

Free City Collective

Free City Collective was an altternative pop-rock band that released a collection of demos and three EP's from 2006-2014.

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Track Name: MCE
I’m a martyr without a sacrifice to be made
just to plant another helpless hand
in a hopeless time
pull me off of the freeway
start it over again
coax me back to bed
where I can lay my head at ease
coming down on a dusty road
with the world outside in a verdant glow
bivouacs of fractal-patterns
home to a time and a place
when it wasn’t a race
to be caught in the web
of the soft parade
I could almost taste my sense of time
I don’t want to be here
anymore than I wanna fit in
but I’ll be what you want
and I’ll say what I need
to get on with the grind
what an apocalypse of the world
around, and within
lay me down to sleep
maybe in time
you’ll finally see it all work out
how it always would
and not the way
you thought it does
and you’ll lose it again
half of anywhere I’ve been
I don’t recall
am I a modeling idiot?
am I off of the cause?
all I know
is all I know is wrong
the moment’s gone
I can burn out on my own
to be honest
if we’re being honest
well, what’s really honest
if I’m terrified to be seen
in another way
that’s not the light?
pull it apart
and try to make it all work out
but it doesn’t come
playing a part to say you’ve won
and, if you try
you may conceive it all worthwhile
take a lauded bow
and mark your name in style
shake off the veil
shallow faith will lead you blind
and I will always remember
what I want to regret
you’re an impossible staircase
you’re an impossible lie
it all remains to me
whatever way you want
is what you need
Track Name: Castle Island
I was lost against my will
under a spell
from a castle of indolence
I felt I was lost on an island
in my mind
citadel of revelation
take me from demise
lift me out from the bane
of any creature left behind of our loss
of our island in the sky
all this time I find isn’t peace of mind
it’s lonely and divided
into pieces of our broken dreams
and my heavy eyes are only weighted
from the pain of wandering inside
heaven is only somebody’s way of getting by
you’re all alone
and no one’s gonna help you
if nobody’s seen you cry
Track Name: Rattlesnake
I don’t wanna wake
I don’t wanna be a new stalemate
always, always
I’ll wait in the corner
look away
I’ll be better getting on my way
suffering the lie
save for when I mean it
right then and when I need it
I’m a lesson of a time that’s passed a way
pay-rolling away
9 to 5… 6, 7, 8
falling out of time
struggling to be sane
struggling just to say
I don’t want to be alone
I don’t to be a ship
I don’t want to sink
down into the bottom
of a man-made lake
or structure of the mind
at the dawning of our lives
when all is set in stone
it all comes clear
rattlesnake you undermine
the elementary progress of my kind
at the turning point
with yourself alone again
where the ladder only speaks
to how long you can stand
to fall back down
would you say what you meant
if they told you it wouldn’t waste their time?
unless you’re fine
rattling yourself alone
inside the cage you own
Track Name: Chelsea May
shifting shaking modern love
her auburn hair in bed
tamed just like a lioness
her little crown above her head
well no one could have whisked you
far enough from here
and no one ever will
but if one boy could change your mind
then I guess there’s hope
for some young love, still
light my cigarette and sing
the only living boy
this side of the mountain range
is a bus too far for a girl with wings
no matter how many times
I can tell you to go
and be gone like a tramp
in the world alone
only god ever knows
where your garden will grow
but I guess he ‘aint at home
we’re only wasting our time
if we’re too young to care
Chelsea, make me feel
lighter than air
was the light ok?
did it cover up my old mistakes?
you say it’s a dead-end freeze
but the crowd will sing
if you promise me you’ll wait
there’s a girl up here
and a boy out there
and we’ll always seem to wait
and we'll always seem to wait
take some time here to run around
you know we’ll all be Coleman County bound
shed some love on a winded dime
you’ll run out of luck in time
nobody cares what you’re singing
if you’re saying it low
nobody cares where your going
if you go it alone
and your garden will grow
if you tell it to grow
and you’ll be what you are
when you’re old
we’re only wasting our time