Black Soda

by Free City Collective

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Black Soda was recorded at Fadermaster Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was produced by Elias Crespo Molato and Free City Collective, engineered by Elias Crespo Molato, mixed by Shawn Cole and Elias Crespo Molato, and mastered by Brock McFarlane. All songs were written by Free City Collective who, at this moment in time, were:

Theo Milloy (Guitar), Derek Rohde (Bass), Sam Romero (Guitar), and Ben Rowley (Vocals, Synthesizer and Drums)

Artwork by Sam Romero
Art design by Daniel Choi

Drums engineered on tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4 by Spencer Carson and Elias Crespo Molato with Paul 2, track 5 by Adam Riddle and Thomas Kuecks, with Ben Johnston, Braeden Rango, Dallas Pleven and Carlo Poblete
Vocals on track 4 engineered by Cody Taylor and Elias Crespo Molato
Additional vocals on tracks 1 and 4 by Theo Milloy, tracks 2 and 3 by David Charbula

To our families, Shawn Cole, Elias Crespo Molato, Jun “JBC” Choi, Garth Richardson, The Nimbus School of Recording Arts, Spencer Carson, Cody Taylor, Dan Tanner, Daniel Choi, David Charbula, and every consequence and resulting action of events that led people and objects to fulfill their individual yet ultimately unified trajectories within and without of the many plains of universe and consciousness we’ve encountered, have yet to encounter and are encountering along the way, we are eternally grateful.


released May 10, 2012




Free City Collective Vancouver, British Columbia

Free City Collective

Free City Collective was an altternative pop-rock band that released a collection of demos and three EP's from 2006-2014.

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Track Name: Black Soda
let me take you out dancing
to the pump house road
way up north, honey
come release my low
my move’s a white-collar politrick
now all your problems
are the ones I can’t fix
don’t say that I want it
I need it
you’re talking to a ghost
save my answers
make your mama choke
savor the moment,
old-fashioned coke
thirty cents meant something
in a simpler time
your dime, my dime
we’re looking at both sides
you want, you need it
don’t matter to the ghost
take my hand
and ride it as she goes
not another one gone away
not another one saved
I don’t want to be safe and proud
honey, you want it
when looking at both sides
grass ain’t greener
if your dollar’s tied
I went down to Indio with a plan
I thought I could count the shells
on my hand
thirty shells past Keizer
California’s bliss
my home, my home
my home ain’t shit
ride shotgun into the sun
southbound, where the wind is god
send yourself into submission
and fight it
your old parasite
don’t say / don’t say / don’t say
not another one gone away
will we ever have time to stay
you wanted your savior to save her
I counted on a way home
Track Name: Brother Rigel
Said the father to the son,
“Brother’s gone and jumped the gun.”
While all this time you walked
inside my head
Dreams, you breathe them in and out
until you’re dead
Suffer, my friend
Breathe it in, let it all out
Time won’t make anything
of what you had
and what you will decide
Well, if you stick around
I’ll stay here, too
And it just goes to show
it’s true

Save my home
You weren’t the weakest one
My ladder to the sun
was broken on the final rung
My brother, my sun

Work all day, walk in the night
Sleep in, put up no fight
Breathe in, put out the light
Wake up, go back to work all day
before the sun goes down
Not that it matters when
we live beneath the ground
Now, all this time we’ve lived
inside our heads
Let it slip away, together
and sigh

Save my home
You weren’t against the wall alone
A place to call our own
(brother, we’ll go)
Track Name: Bermuda
My Island, separate in the sun
A silent, overbearing sun
Two loves dividing over
in my head
Both stars align, it’s over
in my head

Two lovers, separated songs
One silo pointed at the sun
Two loves dividing over in my head
One love’s divine
another’s in my bed
A broken mind clouds the bluest skies
Brother, I’m lost in a world
lost in a time I can’t escape
while I’m alive

Lust tears a path through my love
forcing both my eyes shut
Lost in a whirl
lost, and my mind is frozen
Still, a ghost spilling my blood
is in my own true love
I plan it
I let it get all the best of me
I loathe the best of me
No planet, no city, no ocean
Any island in my sun will pale
compared to one
Track Name: Hipster Love
my dad’s got money
he made it in the market
and I don’t even want it
my mom’s got problems
she gave them all to me
and I failed math and science
so I shipped out to the Baltic
to fish out on a silver sea
live inside a grass hut
in-between a tree
and only when I got there
did I ever stop dreaming
that I would change the world
in a manner of believing
‘cause the wind was cold
against my skin
and it howled like a wolf
on a fool moon dim
my mother wasn’t wealthy
and neither were her kids
so, when I left the station
I didn’t get a kiss

I won’t take the fall
if you won’t take time at all
but I can see the morning
in your eyes
somewhere, overseas
I lost a part of me
and how you’ve gone
and brought it back
is something that
I can’t afford to leave

you’re young and attractive
with pretty little habits
so who’s gonna back them?
baby, I aint’ poor
maybe I don’t know your pain
but I know our place here
is one in the same
and every softly spoken vow
you swear to me
just drives me wild, you see
so, kiss me in the morning
kiss me in the afternoon
kiss me while we’re dancing
underneath the moon

I won’t take the fall
if you won’t take time at all
but I can see the love hurt
in your eyes
yet, you’d go be the queen
of some other city’s scene
and leave it all behind
to dream of what it was
and what it could’ve been
Track Name: Great Kings
Your little soda
is black and hollow
It cuts the life chord
right out from under

So it goes

The kids are out of school and in the park
Someone left their kids out in the dark
They ‘aint supposed to be out in the dark
Someone left the kids out in the dark

But our folks got it all figured out
Yeah, I know
But it’s not our fault
No, it’s never our fault
I know, but it seems so

In the time you took to be
the savior of the people
and the peace
I opened up the doors
and shook the wind in a bottle
pointed at your throne

Sat-out, alone
I sought out to suffer, go it alone
Yet, somehow, I’d always follow you home
As always, I’ll always follow you home

So sick, shattered, alone
and toppling over, all in my head
I’m sick, and no one’s fucking two-cent lie
is the bread of my heart and my mind

We ‘aint supposed to be out in the dark
We ‘aint supposed to be out in the dark
We ‘aint supposed to be out in the dark
We ‘aint supposed to be out in the dark

Your little problems
they’re all but empty
To cut the life chord
would answer nothing